Foo Fighters Rock Roswell

Photos taken by Guy Malone “aka Alien Stranger” Saturday June 18th, 2005 at the Foo Fighters 10th Anniversary Party / Debut of “In Your Honor” in Hangar 85, Roswell New Mexico.

See the July/Aug 2005 issue of UFO Magazine for the story, including info about David Grohl’s interest in UFOs (which is why the concert was held in Roswell, with the 500 lucky winners of Real Rhapsody’s contest). is an unofficial, non-commercial fan site, not affiliated with The Foo Fighters, RCA / Roswell Records, or Real Networks. The only purpose is to share live pictures of the band’s performances with other interested fans. These pictures MAY be copied and posted elsewhere for non-commercial use (only), but do the right thing and credit

Thanks to “nasty little” Amanda Pitts, Amanda Sanyal, Steve Martin, Josh Tsang, Geoff Walker & Vicki Ecker for the hook-up, their assistance, etc. Thanks also to the Foo Fighters for visiting Roswell. We’ll hold you to your word that you’re coming back!