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Alien Stranger

"Roswell 1947: When The Mythology Is Stripped Away, What Facts Remain?"

Not a weather balloon, not an alien spacecraft? What facts could be so terrifying as to warrant the cover-up and secrecy attended to the Roswell Incident – clandestine operations so morally repugnant that a Post-WWII government would prefer U.S. citizens think that the government was lying to them, than to reveal the ugliest truths of all?

Malone posits that an alien spacecraft was not being covered up, but rather that an alien spacecraft was the cover up. His presentation rests largely on eye-witness testimony, government records not released until decades later, and quotes from today’s published Roswell researchers, and is known as “the most challenging, alternate view proposed yet for the Roswell UFO Crash of July 1947.”


"Evidence For A Spiritual View: Of Alien Contacts & The UFO Phenomena"

Guy Malone asks, “Do certain Christians say “aliens are really demons” based simply on an uninformed knee-jerk reaction to the unknown?” No. In fact many theologians have historically argued that God could have easily created life on other planets, if He so chose. But what does an examination of 20th century sighting and abduction reports reveal?

This lecture provides an overview of the messages, actions and abilities demonstrated by modern “aliens” with insight into the scriptural and theological arguments that logically support the fallen angel interpretation of the phenomena. While you may not be convinced of this view yourself, you will walk away better understanding WHY many with a Biblical worldview conclude that “alien” activity is a fallen angel deception, and ultimately consider the reasoning behind the “demonic hypothesis” much more convincing than you thought possible…

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